We believe that a church, in part, is measured by its investment in the community. This is why we engage in missions at every level so that our church can be valuable to the community

Our missions endeavors are supported by faithful givers in our church. These are people who have chosen to give above and beyond their tithes so that the work of God can go forward at home and abroad

Local Missions
Our ministries are all outreach oriented. One such ministry is Bushels of Blessings, which was founded at First A/G in 2011. We also support local ministries such as Cornerstone Women's Resource Center, University of Valley Forge, Habitat for Humanity, RVolunteers (MAPS), Convoy of Hope, and Salem Country Christian Academy.

Our Church supports almost 50 missionaries and missions projects internationally. Each age group also raises funds for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC), Speed the Light (STL), and Light for the Lost. When you visit, please take a minute to look at our missions board located in the rear of the sanctuary near the doors.